Posted by: thanasis athanasiou | April 30, 2011

Ayia Napa Nightlife

Ayia Napa Nightlife varies and offers something for every budget and certainly for every age.

Ayia Napa becomes alive as the sun sets, whether you up to tonic your self from the sun tan to bars, or dancing all night to clubs or have a  great dining to one of the many restaurants away from the bright lights. You can enjoy a local Meze dinner or try one of the many international cuizines before you get lost in the crowded square of the town.

Family Entertainment bars – bars on Makariou street, Nissi Avenue and by the harbour have family entertainment from early afternoon till late night every day of the week . Karaoke is popular and performance shows such as for tribute acts of Elvis and Michael Jackson is available

Cafe/Lounge bars – modern and trendy cafe bars are very popular in Ayia Napa with locals and those wanting a more grown up audience. Chill out music mixed with greek songs is the trend. Most people sit to chat and drink rather than dancing. Popular ones are Jello by the harbour, Liquid on Kyrou Nerou (opposite the monastery), Cafe Central and Pepper at the Napa Plaza hotel. Lobby bar at the Eligoni hotel,  Nissaki bar on sandy bay. Vanilla at the Leros Hotel, and Fresh. Guru – a few mins from bedrock. Kafenio at the monastery

English Pubs – Ayia Napa has plenty of traditional english pub serving breakfast from earling in the morning lunch, dinner and beers untill late night (2 am). If you want your english beers on tap and family style pubs try Queen Vic, Tommys, Golden Arrow, Napa Star, and Kings sword (at macronnissos)

Dance pre-clubs –  Pre club music is mix of urban, dance and chart. some of them do karaoke until midnight then party music. Other offer house music and club classics and few others mainly house and commercial dance/chart.

Live Music – live accoustic bands is also available in ayia napa nightlife. RockRock garden – indie, rock, alternative. Live Lounge – live band and indie.

International Bars – There are many popular international bars in the centre of ayia napa town, various Scandinavian bars, russian, swiss and latin. the two Irish Bars of town have  live music every night.

Clubs – plenty of options for those want to enjoy dancing from midnight untill late morningParty music, chart, garage, house, rnb, chill out and foam parties. Greek music club also available.

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